September 26, 2012


A year ago I decided to book myself a 2 week vacation for myself on the West Coast. Vancouver was one of those cities.
 1. Vancouver has a lot of great urban design, including this stair/ ramp set in Robson Square. 2. Separated bike lanes and tree lined pedestrian pathways... be still my heart! 3. I loved walking down a fairly quiet downtown street and seeing people sitting here, lost in their own thoughts. 4. One of my favourite views of the CN Tower in Toronto is finding it's reflection in the buildings downtown, so seeing the Vancouver Lookout in these buildings was a welcome surprise.
5. Fountains aren't just for looking - they're for playing too! 6. Vancouver's waterfront is so gorgeous. Make sure you walk or ride a rented bike all around the Seawall. 7. Face one way and you see boats and glass condos... 8. ... Face the other way and you see boats and mountains.
 9. The totem poles at the entrance of Stanley Park are worth checking out, if you can snap a picture without another tourist in the way. 10, 11. Riding my bike into the interior of Stanley Park was breathtaking. A woodpecker flew over my head and I almost crashed into a massive tree. So there's that.
12, 13. Sunset Beach Park is a great spot to take a break and people watch. I didn't stay to watch a sunset, wish I had though.
 14. Downtown Vancouver has a lot of diverse neighbourhoods and since it's so tiny walking around downtown is totally doable in a day. 15. Gastown was a lovely lunch spot and reminded me so much of the Distillery District. I also found one of the best record stores just on the outskirts of the area. 16. I paid this man $3 to take a picture of his cat. He was wearing a tshirt and just hanging out with him on the street. I mean, how could i not. 17. I highly recommend the Electric Owl as a night out. I happened to see Purity Ring and YACHT and had one of the funnest nights of my trip.



All Good Things was a good thrill, considering it was a true story. I was looking forward to seeing Another Year since it was written and directed by Mike Leigh, who also did one of my favourites, Happy-Go-Lucky. I didn't take anything away from Choke which I usually like to do, but it was a fun  watch. Dredd is a movie I would never really see but I did anyways and it was enjoyable, although extremely corny and badly written. I immediately fell in love with Sidewalls and look forward to watching it again and again. If I were ever to make a movie, Sidewalls would be my number one inspiration. Urbanized was informative, although nothing I haven't learned before.
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