October 30, 2012


The cute dogs and Parker Posey really made Best in Show for me. I loved Following  - it's been a while since I've seen a great puzzle-like mystery film which I love. It's also Christopher Nolan's first film and worth checking out. Julie & Julia was on tv this past weekend so of course I watched it again. Meryl Streep is a dream and it really got me inspired to get my feet back on the floor and start running. I've been in the mood for horror lately so I finally watched Paranormal Activity 2, but then had to stop it and start it again in the morning! It wasn't what I expected being that it was a bit slow, which in the end that's what it made it even more terrifying. Snowtown was disturbing, especially since it was based on a true story of a serial killer preying on pedophiles. It was graphic and intense and of course I immediately googled everything about the true events after it was over. I'm still thinking about Dogtooth. The story is something I've never seen before and I love a good film exploring mind-conditioning. The film was shot so beautifully, the story was weird, and it left me wanting more: everything I love in a movie!

October 23, 2012


Some of my favourite moments during my trip in Italy were the breakfasts. Waking up and eating toast and jam or a croissant with an espresso was always so calming and peaceful. I decided to try and take that mentality home with me. Unfortunately sometimes I either 'don't have enough time' or I don't eat a healthy breakfast, but in the end, those are just excuses. The kitchen is such a special place in Italian homes, so waking up with family and chatting about our plans for the day over an espresso really made me feel home. I can't wait to get MY kitchen back (currently between homes but more on that soon) and enjoy the simplicity of a great Italian breakfast.

October 20, 2012


Last year after I travelled to Vancouver, British Columbia, I took a train to Seattle, Washington.
 1. One of my first stops was to see the Space Needle and was probably the most tourist-y activity I did in all four cities I travelled to. It's removed from the downtown core of the city unlike the CN Tower in Toronto, but it really is beautiful and the view is gorgeous. 2. This view of the Space Needle was from the Capital Hill area, a wonderful neighbourhood. I got to see my favourite movie at the time, The Future, in a historic theatre and that pretty much made my day. 3. A photograph of Lake Union from the top of the Space Needle. I spent my last day napping by that lake before I caught my train to Portland. So lovely. 4. Capturing the skyline of the city through the glass reflection of the Needle. People were looking at me strange as I was doing this, but it's one of my favourite photographs ever, so there! 5. I recommend getting the day and night pass to climb the Needle. All of the colours of the lights are really beautiful and who doesn't love night skylines of big cities.
 6. I was lucky to be in Seattle over a weekend because the Pike Place Market was bustling. The only thing I purchased was a big pouch of fresh lavender. Still trying to find a good use for it. 7. I highly recommend you stall around the fishermen vendors and wait until someone purchases a fish. See if you can spot the flying fish in the air!
 8. This is a close-up view of Lake Union. Sail boats, planes and house boats galore. I tried to find a bike to rent so I could cycle around the lake, but unfortunately couldn't find a retailer. Lake Union is such a treasure. 9. House boats! I tried so hard to find the house boat from Sleepless in Seattle, but all of the areas say 'No Trespassing'. This was the closest I could get in exploring the area before I ran away.
10. This picture was actually taken on the train from Vancouver to Seattle. I wish Canada had a cheap train network like they do in the States. Traveling by train was something I've never done before, but I can't wait to travel the US by train again soon.

See more City Snapshots:

October 18, 2012


This past May was a busy time for the Department of Unusual Certainties (DoUC), the studio that I'm so grateful to be able to work at. The last weekend in May we took part in Doors Open Toronto; only a week prior we opened our installation at Art of the Danforth. We produced an installation in the security deposit room of the historic bank vault at One King West. We were commissioned by Diaspora Dialogues to produce an information piece about currency, which we titled Timeline of Currency.
Timeline of Currency explores the global evolution of currency through its physical manifestations and social practices. Themes included the accumulation of debt and credit, methods of trade, patterns and cycles in currency, the rise of national banks, and outbreaks of crises. Columns of cheque book sized pads of paper lined an acrylic and steel structure. Each of the 675+ booklets contained unique timeline information facing into the structure. The G20 nations' central bank buildings tiled the opposite sides of the booklets. Visitors entered the room and were invited to peel pages from the booklets creating a circulation of currency and a changing mosaic facade.
I'm so grateful to be able to work with such a creative and innovative group of people. May was such a special month for me, creating and building two important pieces of work. Thanks DoUC!

October 15, 2012


Fall is my favourite season. Sweaters, crunchy leaves, and cozying up indoors with a good book are all so comforting. Here are some of favourite fall pictures I've taken over the past two years. Most of the photos were taken in Toronto or up at my cottage, with the exception of the last photo which was taken in Central Park, New York.

October 11, 2012


1. Venice: mushrooms and prosciutto 2. Burano: prosciutto, hot pepper, mushrooms, artichoke 3. Florence: pepperoni and cheese 4. Rome: prosciutto and mushrooms 5.  Sorrento: sausage and cheese 6. Positano: prosciutto, mushrooms, artichoke 7. Sorrento: cherry tomatoes, cheese, arugula 8. Napoli: tomato sauce, buffalo mozzarella, basil, extra virgin olive oil 9. Palermo: prosciutto, mushrooms, hot dogs, fresh picked oregano

In September I travelled throughout Italy for 3 weeks and some of my fondest memories are of the food. I mean, how could it not be amiright? I decided to take a picture of every single meal I had which means every day I was taking a picture of pizza. The pizza in Italy is INCREDIBLE - so nice and thin, and fresh, and mmm now I'm salivating. It's also interesting how the style of pizza (mostly the dough) slightly changes throughout the country. My favourite pizza ingredient is cured prosciutto (in Italy prosciutto also just means ham). It's hard to choose which city had the best pizza, but I think I'll have to pick Napoli, the birthplace of pizza. It had the lightest, fluffiest dough, incredibly tasty tomato sauce, and that cheese mmmm... All I can say is thank goodness my parents just opened up an Italian pizza eatery.
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