April 22, 2013


Before this trip, I had never been to the south of Italy. After spending time in big cities (Venice, Florence, and Rome) I was so excited to spend some time lying on the beach drinking cocktails. Sorrento and the surrounding towns and islands was one of the dreamiest places I've ever been to. Beautiful blue water, mountains, beaches, palm trees, and the BEST pizza in Italy. It was magnificent and I will definitely return one day.
1. Sorrento sits on a cliff above the Tyrrhenian Sea with mountains at its back. You can also see Naples across the bay, which means the pizza in Sorrento is just as unbelievably amazing as it is in Naples. This photo was taken at the Marina Piccola looking up into the town. 2. At the bottom of the cliff, where I was suntanning. 3. This was also taken at the Marina Piccola just before we headed to Capri. The town literally sits on the edge of a cliff. 
4. In order to get a true "beach" we went to the town of Amalfi. But spending time on these docks in Sorrento and swimming in the sea was pure bliss. 5. Looking down on the beach, where picture 2 was taken. 6. I love the time of day where the sky and the cliffs become so contrasting. 7. One of my favourites. You can see Mount Vesuvius and a bit of Naples. And love, duh.
8. The town is so charming with its old European architecture, its beachy vibe and lemons on street trees. 9. Speaking of lemons, the fresh fruit and veggies are so amazing here. I'm sadly allergic to a lot of these things, but only now realizing its probably due to pesticides here in North America. I was eating so many freshly picked fruits and was FINE. More here and here10. We stumbled upon a wedding, and of course I stayed to watch them emerge from the church as my heart melted. See a better picture here. 11. Italian men, babies, and vespas. The colour in the city is wonderful. 12. CATS. EVERYWHERE. Here is a picture with four wild cats, and please note another two were lingering off camera.
13, 14. These four photos were taken from the balcony of the bed and breakfast we stayed in. I've said it before, but I highly recommend finding accommodation through AirBnB the next time you travel. Our host Giuseppina and her family became our family. If you go, you must stay with them. 15, 16. I mean, come on. I didn't go out at night because sitting on the balcony watching the lights, and the occasional fireworks, was entertainment enough.

Stay tuned for posts about Amalfi and Capri, which is a neighbouring town and island, and absolutely gorgeous.

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April 16, 2013


I've been watching quite a few documentaries lately. Hot Docs is one of my favourite festivals here in Toronto and it begins next week! I cried throughout First Position and I'm not talking a single glistening tear that rolled down my cheek, I legitimately cried the entire film. It's about a youth dance competition and it's filled with SO much love, and beautiful, and art. Art and Copy was an interesting look at the ad world and the creative minds behind them. The Queen of Versailles was kind of tragic although the documentary was about an incredibly wealthy couple in Florida.

These three films aren't documentaries but they are definitely a realistic glimpse into life. Fish Tank was so well done. Katie Jarvis is astounding, but the movie really grabbed hold of me when after having a bad day, she went into a room along, put on a sweet song, and danced. I've already mentioned Sidewalls here and it's still one of my favourites. When architecture + film + loneliness and love combine it's like fireworks in my heart. Black Mirror is not a movie, it's a show, and it's a MUST SEE. Think Twilight Zone with modern tropes/ unrealistic yet realistic situations. It's brilliant.

April 15, 2013


We had our first Noise Residency exploration a few weeks ago, which is one of six gatherings for a project I'm working on that I mentioned here. We started at the Eaton Centre (the biggest shopping mall in downtown Toronto), walked through Dundas Square (the busiest intersection in Canada), Ryerson University (my former university), and Allen Gardens (a beautiful urban greenhouse). It was a silent sound walk which means that we walked the entire 45 minute route in silence, trying to absorb the sounds of the ecology around us. It was great. Here are some of the photographs I took along the route. We are keeping an online blog to share our process so you can listen to the sounds that accompany these pictures and read more about my thoughts here. I also encourage you to read the thoughts of the other collaborators (all amazingly talented).
1. Eaton Centre 2. Dundas Square 3. The Quad, Ryerson University 4. Allen Gardens

April 5, 2013


Not surprising that both of the examples of smoke I have are related to food. These were taken in the Spring of 2011. 1. Thanks to the light that shines through my windows, I was able to capture the steam coming off my pasta. 2. Very shortly there will be a lot more of this.

April 2, 2013


I mentioned here that I was making my nephew's second birthday present and well, here it is! It's a Mr. Potato Head-esque stuffed doll with a few different parts. Some of the pieces aren't quite what I hoped for, but it works well nonetheless.
The only thing that is required is multiple patterns/ textures of fabric, velcro, stuffing, and a sewing machine. I sketched all of the pieces out first, then drew them on the fabric, cut them, sewed them, and added the female velcro piece to the back. 
I tried to make clothing or body parts that can use the same male velcro piece on the doll, so that when Anthony plays with it, all of the velcro pieces can be in use and therefore hidden.

I started out with a few key pieces: different sets of eyes, mouths, hats, clothes. My favourite is the Elmo AB/CD muumuu and I'm thinking about making one for myself... I wanted to make this for him so he can keep learning about body parts, pieces of clothing, facial expressions and emotions. The first thing he did when he opened it was hug it. That made it all worth it right there. 

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