August 29, 2013


Maybe you've noticed, but I recently redesigned my website and blog! For a while now I have had two separate websites: this blog which is hosted by Blogger, and a portfolio website that is hosted on Cargo Collective. I'm also on other websites such as Flicker and Tumblr as well as pretty much all social media platforms. Sometimes it can be overwhelming trying to manage and update them all, but I feel like I have a pretty good system and know how to use them towards my advantage which is key.
The image above was what my blog looked like a few days ago. I was really happy with this makeover, however I wanted my portfolio website to easily link with my blog and vice versa. This meant that the layout needed to be changed as well as the heading. My goal was for a seamless transition to basically fool you into thinking its one website! Also, if someone lands on my portfolio or blog, they can experience all of what I have to offer in one go.
Learning CSS and HTML wasn't as difficult as I originally thought. Luckily both Cargo and Blogger are great with customization. Anything else is just a quick google search away. The image above is an example of what my portfolio portion of my site looks like. It can be accessed by visiting www.natashabasacchi.com or from the index at the bottom of the About, CV, Shop, and Contact pages.
If you're thinking about giving your website/ internet presence a make over don't feel overwhelmed! In my opinion, simplicity and ease of navigation is key. If you need any help though, I can help with anything from graphic design, web/ blog design, and even setting up any and all social media pages! I wrote about designing Celeste's website Honk If You're Vegan here, as an example. If you're interested in working with me, you can visit my brand new contact page or leave me a comment below :)

August 28, 2013


After a blissful few days beach hopping along the Amalfi Coast in Sorrento, Amalfi and Capri, my Nonna and I took a ferry over to Naples where were were to catch the overnight boat to Palermo, Sicily. We didn't see much of the city, however we did eat pizza and buy espresso so that's all that really matters.
1, 2, 3, 4. I'm really happy we randomly stumbled into the Galleria Umberto I. I've never experienced anything like this before, although I've always dreamed about the Grand Palais in Paris. The space feels even more grand and magnificent in person. 5. Right in the centre of the building where all the 'alleys' meet lies a huge mosaic of the zodiac signs. Here's mine, Aquarius. 6. Perfection.
7, 8, 9, 10. We walked for a little while down the tiny streets. I love, love hung laundry. 11. In the end we were just too hungry. Naples is known for their pizza, and I can honestly say it was the best pizza I've ever had.
12. Mount Vesuvius, which I'll have to come back and explore. 13. This was our overnight ship that took us to Sicily. It was so much better then taking a train around the coast of Italy, however I will have to try that. Being in the ocean and looking at the stars was so great. I even had my own Titanic moment when I met a crew member and helped him practice his english at the back of the boat.

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August 26, 2013


Open Roof finished off it's season with two interesting documentaries. Unhung Hero is Patrick Moote's quest in debunking the myth if size really matters or not, after his proposal to his girlfriend was denied because well... his small penis size. How to Make Money Selling Drugs was an in depth look at how that entire system works, from the small town drug dealers to international drug cartels. That movie prepared me for Orange is the New Black. I really love this show! It has amazing writing, the cast is phenomenal, and the end of each episode just sucks you in. Can't wait for season two.

I've been on a bit of 1940s/50s movie bender lately. I saw A Foreign Affair at an outdoor movie screening in Byrant Park while visiting New York City. Laying there looking up at all the buildings and watching the filing cabinet scene made me fall hard for that city. An Affair to Remember is now one of my top favourite romantic movies. Oh Cary, your tan amazes me. I've watched another Hitchcock movie, this time The Birds. It was somehow exactly what I expected yet completely different. My favourite part however was the lecture Hitchcock gave before the movie started.


I stumbled upon this farm plot at 369 King Street West this weekend and was so pleasantly surprised. There is a decently sized void between a couple of low-rise buildings and a brand new condo, so of course this space was marked with a Development Proposal sign citing plans for a new building.
In the meantime however, this space is being put to good use (and it'll be here for a year!). The Detox Market along with Fresh City Farms and TAS Design Build created a Farm Lot bringing fresh grown herbs and greens right into the heart of the city. The intention was also to remind Torontonians about farmers and where their food comes from. It's not common at all to see gardens growing food in the city, especially in the Entertainment District which is where this pop-up is located.
They held their launch party last week which included a variety of local beer, craft and food vendors. It's such treat seeing under-utilized spaces in the city completely transformed into places where culture, enterprise and creativity collide and inspire. Pop-ups like this and others such as Parking Day which put a little shift in your daily routine are crucial in cities, and I can't wait to get my hands on one!

August 23, 2013


A while back I visited my most favourite building in the whole world, Falling Water by my main man Frank Lloyd Wright. I wrote about the exterior of the building here, and now I'm showcasing one of the most incredible features of this beauty: the windows.

1. When Frank Lloyd Wright chose to design this house over the waterfall as opposed to beside it he considered all aspects of the natural landscape. You can see in my first post (image six) how he respected the trees on site. He also understood the context, which is this beautiful lush forest called the Bear Run Nature Reserve. He designed the house to extend into its surroundings. Each room has the most amount of natural light and airflow. Ultimate comfort always.
2, 3. The windows were designed so that when you are standing inside the house, you have incredible views of the trees; in essence, the house is a natural element among them. 4. These corner windows are such an incredible feature. 5. This is the view peering out of one of those corner windows. My favourite element of architecture is details like this. Design is so much about experience, and FLW just gets it. 6. Speaking of corner windows, look at this beauty. And yes I said window. Have you ever seen a more beautiful, seamless window joint? Arg.
7. Windows everywhere. This is one of the coolest features in the house: collapsible windows that open to stairs which lead down into the river. Yeah. 8. The most beautiful bathroom vanity. 9, 10, 11. He also designed incredible built-ins. Look at the way that this window opens into the desk. 12. Every single room has a healthy supply of natural light which means lots and lots of windows of all shapes and sizes in surprising places. 13. My heart skipped a beat when I saw how this window slinked right into the stone.
14, 15, 16. Details! The colour of the trim is a perfect fit. 17. These windows below the garden actually peer into a washroom I believe. Natural light everywhere! 18. This stone feature continued in the inside of the house. The way that the window fits right into it is beautiful; also how it takes a short little bend before disappearing into the stone. Gorg.

August 22, 2013


One of my best pals Andrew is going on an incredible trip this September and October. He'll be biking along the west coast of British Columbia with The Otesha Project teaching kids about sustainable living. In order to help raise money for his adventure, Andrew put on two DIY bike maintenance workshops at the Trinity Bellwoods Farmers Market earlier this month.
I also helped him design a flyer that we posted around the city and gave out at the market. It had all the details about him, his trip, and where you can donate. I'm such a proud friend! And ladies, he's single.
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