February 1, 2014


It took a while, but I finally completed the series with Before Midnight (2013). Before Sunrise and Before Sunset are some of my favourite movies, for their conversation, their insights, and the dynamics between Jesse and Celine. I love how we get to watch their relationship mature and how throughout the series their problems and ways of dealing with them change. (A)sexual (2011) is a documentary, and honestly, nothing to write home about. Interesting none the less.
These next two movies are perfectly lumped together because if you were to ask me to chose a film that has an outstanding production design, I would pick these two. Her (2013) blew me away for multiple reasons. The colours, the city, the outfits, the technology had such an ease about them. But also the story. It reminded me of the show Black Mirror, in that not-so-distant possible future type of way. I felt for him because of the emotions he was experiencing and not because its a strange future. Perhaps this future already exists. I've read and already seen The Fountainhead (1949) but rewatching it now again is so fitting. First of all, again the set design, the outfits, the shadows, and my god the architecture. Apparently Rand wrote in the screenplay that the style of architecture to be portrayed was to be in the style of Frank Lloyd Wright "and only Frank Lloyd Wright". A woman after my heart! This time watching it I was actually cheering along and audibly swooning over every gorgeous detail. It's the only Ayn Rand book I've read so far. It's about individualism over the collective, and a wo-man's soul. This is expressed in power, media, love, architecture, politics, society. It's just everything; please please please see it and lets chat about it.
Now, Godard! I've been obsessing over Jean-Luc Godard since watching 2 or 3 Things, and even more so now that TIFF is currently running a two-part retrospective of his work! A Bout de Souffle or Breathless (1960) I've seen, but had to rewatch. It is his first feature film, and apparently one of the most famous debuts in film history. Its interesting to see a later work first, then go back to where he began. He has such an interesting style, with his jump cuts and those glances to the camera which make me melt. Une Femme est Une Femme or A Woman is A Woman (1961) is his first colour film, and colour it has. This film he experiments more with sound and music, and you can see why he made waves in the film industry with his new style. This is beginning to have the style I love: those opening credits with text and typography, his introduction of his main characters, the way he uses the camera to elongate a single moment and a single feeling, the repetition of the characters' actions, what he chooses the extras to be doing (kissing), his references to other films (including Hiroshima, Mon Amour!!) - I can literally go on and on. The more I think of this movie the more I love it. Its about love and love as a performance; is it a tragedy or a comedy? Godard Forever!
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