January 23, 2015


I have a tendency to label every movie I see as "my favourite", and yes I realize it's a problem. With that being said, Birdman is my favourite movie as of late. I didn't know too much about it prior to seeing it and after seeing it, I'm still thinking about it. There were so many layers and subtexts within the plot of a man attempting to reinvent his failing career. The long shot, "one-take" style of the cinematography is captivating. Please see this! I also didn't know too much about Gone Girl before I saw it, and I was pleasantly surprised. I love psychological thrillers and haven't seen a good one in a long time. Gone Girl hit the nail on the head. There were times when I predicted what would happen, but that's not because it was overly predictable (my boyfriend says otherwise). I think it's because I just figured out the puzzle! 
I've never been the biggest fan of superhero movies, but I will say that Guardians of the Galaxy was great. It was funny, kept my attention and didn't make me question how unbelievably unrealistic it was. I'm sure I'll be seeing the sequel too. Another movie I knew nothing about (it's awards season so I'm catching up!) was Whiplash. I've secretly always wanted to play the drums so I was blown away by the speed and skill in this film. J.K. Simmons's character was tough but the message of pushing yourself was well received.
Jake Gyllenhall completely transformed for his roll in Nightcrawler. He plays an odd, slightly OCD, and completely determined man trying to push his career and be the best of the best. The character development is on point, and there are surprisingly a lot of great tips for achieving success in your career. I loved it. Nymphomaniac Volume I wasn't what I thought it was going to be. I'm not sure what to make of it, until I see the conclusion in Volume II. I do love Charlotee Gainsbourg - dream woman.

January 22, 2015


I love films that place you right in the middle of a story and force you to figure out all the details. Blue Ruin was something like that. It was a unique revenge movie, subtle in the way the audience is involved. Interesting fact: the funding for the production was raised from a kickstarter campaign. The trailers for The Babadook were a lot spookier then the film actually was, but it was an interesting take on the monster under your bed. 
Chef is an all-around uplifting movie. It was so cute and I recommend it to everyone, especially if you love Cuban sandwiches. The One I Love was about a couple trying to resolve the issues within their relationship, however three other relationships form. It's different and I need to give it another watch to really understand whats going on.
Don Jon was so good. Joseph Gordon-Levitt is an incredible actor, but he wrote and directed this film and I thought he did an excellent job. I was familiar with Marina Abramovic but not too familiar with her work, so I was excited to finally watch her doc The Artist is Present. It was centred around her retrospective at the MoMA back in 2010. She is a fascinating performance artist and I thought this doc give a great overview of who she is as a person and an artist. My favourite work of hers is The Lovers, where Marina and her long time partner, Ulay, walk along the Great Wall of China towards each other and then away from one another, symbolizing the ending of their artistic and romantic journey together. Powerful!
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