March 19, 2015


I love John Cusack, particularly in a rom-com setting, but Runaway Jury was a nice shift. Especially since it included a twist, which I also love. Sexy Baby is a documentary about children in the cyber world, and how they and their families are navigating this new sexual landscape. 
I stumbled upon the movie Basquiat in perfect timing, as there is a retrospective of his work currently on at the AGO. The art world in 1980s New York City is so fascinating, and loved that David Bowie played Warhol. I definitely have to check out the exhibition after seeing this movie. Electrick Children kept coming up on Netflix and I finally gave in to watch it. I was surprised by it. I appreciated the way it was shot, the moments of silence in the film, and the reoccurring imagery. The story kept me interested but I was a little bit bummed that I never found out the truth behind the immaculate conception!
Julie Deply is such a wonderful filmmaker. I really enjoyed watching 2 Days In New York, the sequel to 2 Days in Paris. I love her thought process and the dialog she writes. I enjoy watching her characters; they are always so real and I find it easy to watch their lives evolve as they figure themselves out. Lake Bell has also been an inspiration of mine lately. I really admire her work, and am still thinking about In A World.... She's tangible, and I love the story she created in this film. Looking forward to her next film.

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