March 13, 2015


Last November I was a part of a Time Capsule Workshop led by Labspace Studio. Myself and nine other artists/ designers met at the Gibson House Museum and we were led on a socio-historic walking journey surrounding the historic site. 
On our psychogeographic walk, we explored the contrasts between the 1851 farmhouse and the surrounding urban developments. We navigated through the high-rise condos and the planes of an expansive cemetery. We walked through an older suburban, single family dwelling neighbourhood and into a wooded Earl Bales Park. The experiences of contrasting landscapes mingled with sentiments of past and present.

After our walk, we were asked to create an item that was a reflection of our experiences based in the past, present and future.

I created a collage Relics made of clippings from condo ads and architecture magazines from 2014. My intention was to visualize the passive observation of the condo boom within present day Toronto, and to ask ourselves to question what these buildings will represent in 50 years. Below is a description:
In experiencing the city, the eye doesn’t see things but images of things that mean other things. Buildings speak to us through memories by prompting within us associations that remind us of historical and personal circumstances. As a result, architectural styles have become ‘emotional souvenirs’. In 2015, as we begin to experience a wane in the condo boom of the last few years, we begin to question the communicative powers of this new architecture. Massive condo developments have become a faceless and placeless architecture due to their ambiguity with their contexts and repetitive visual styles. With constant construction and quick turnaround times, what is the connection/ the memories/ the emotional souvenirs we are creating for ourselves and the generations of the future?

My collage Relics will be stored with the City of Toronto's "Living History Collection". It will be re-opened in 50 years on November 2, 2064.

Please see the works created by the other members of the Time Capsule Workshop here.

All images provided by Labspace Studio.

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